Saturday, December 2, 2017

Commonly Used words - Part 2

Lets continue learning some more commonly used words in our day to day life.

English: What
Tamil: Enna
Telugu: Emmi

English: Who
Tamil: Yaaru
Telugu: Yevaru

English: Why
Tamil: Edhuku
Telugu: Endhuku

English: When
Tamil: Eppo
Telugu: Eppudu

English: Where
Tamil: Enga
Telugu: Ekkada

English: How
Tamil: Eppadi
Telugu: Ela

English: Yesterday
Tamil: Nethu
Telugu: Ninna

English: Water
Tamil: Tanni
Telugu: Neelu

English: Do
Tamil: Pannu
Telugu: Cheyyi

English: Do (with respect)
Tamil: Pannunga
Telugu: Cheyyandi

English: write
Tamil: Ezuthu
Telugu: Raayi

English: Go
Tamil: Po
Telugu: Velu

English: Go (with respect)
Tamil: Ponga
Telugu: Velandi

English: Learn
Tamil: Padi
Telugu: Chaduvu

English: Over/Done/Completed
Tamil: Mudinchichu
Telugu: Ayipoyindhi

English: Money
Tamil: Kaasu
Telugu: Dabbulu

English: Give
Tamil: Kodu
Telugu: Ivvu

English: Give (with respect)
Tamil: Kodunga
Telugu: Ivvandi

If you guys have missed the part 1 of this series check out the post in the below link.

Stay tuned to this page for more words in this series.

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Know your time in regional language

Lets us know the time in the regional language of tamil and telugu

English : Now
Tamil : Ippozudhu ( formal way ) , ippodhu ( informal way)
Telugu : Ippudu

English : Later
Tamil : Appuram
Telugu : Auothala

English : Before
Tamil : Munnadi
Telugu : Mundhu

English : After
Tamil :  Pinnadi
Telugu : Tharavatha

English : Morning
Tamil : Kaalai
Telugu : Udhayam

English : Afternoon
Tamil : Madhiyam
Telugu : Madhyaanam

English : Evening
Tamil : Maalai / Saayintharam
Telugu : Sayantharam

English : Night
Tamil : Iravu/Raathiri
Telugu : Ratri

Clock time

English : One 'o clock AM
Tamil : Kaalai Oru Mani
Telugu : Thalavari Jhamuna ontiganta

English : Two 'o clock AM
Tamil : Kaalai Irendu Mani
Telugu : Thalavari Jhamuna rendu

English : Noon
Tamil : Mathiyam
Telugu : Madhayanam pannendu

English : One 'o clock PM
Tamil : Mathiyaanam oru mani
Telugu : Madhyanam ontiganta

English :Two 'o clock PM
Tamil : Mathiyaanam rendu mani
Telugu : Madhyanam rendu

English : Midnight
Tamil : Nalliravu
Telugu : Ardha raathiri


English : minute(s)
Tamil : Nimisham(Nimishangal)
Telugu : Okka Nimishaam (Nimishalu)

English : Second(s)
Tamil : Nodi(Nodigal)
Telugu : Oka Kshanam ( Kshnalu)

English : Hour
Tamil : Mani
Telugu : Ganta

English : Two hours
Tamil : Rendu mani
Telugu : Rendu Gantalu

English : Day(s)
Tamil :Naal ( Naatkal)
Telugu : Roju ( Rojulu)

English : Week(s)
Tamil : Vaaram
Telugu : Vaaramu

English : Month
Tamil : Maasam
Telugu :Nela

English : Year
Tamil :Varudam
Telugu : Samvatsaram

Numbers in regional language

We all know there are huge amount of numbers and the count of the numbers can go up to infinity. So let us know the most frequent numbers that are been used in our regional languages.

English : Zero
Tamil : Puugiyam
Telugu : Sunna

English: One
Tamil : Onnu
Telugu : Okkati

English : Two
Tamil : Irendu
Telugu : Rendu

English : Three
Tamil : Moonu
Telugu : Moodu

English : Four
Tamil : Naalu
Telugu : Naalagu

English : Five
Tamil : Ainthu
Telugu : Aidu

English : Six
Tamil : Aaru
Telugu : Aaru

English : Seven
Tamil : Yezhu
Telugu : Yedu

English : Eight
Tamil : Yettu
Telugu : Yenimidhi

English : Nine
Tamil : Onbhadhu
Telugu : Thommidhi

English : Ten
Tamil : Pathu
Telugu : Padhi

English : Eleven
Tamil : Padhin Onnu
Telugu : Padakondu

English : Twelve
Tamil : Pannirendu
Telugu : Pannendu

English : Thirteen
Tamil :  Pathimoondru
Telugu : Padamudu

English : Fourteen
Tamil : Pathinaalu
Telugu : Padnalugu

English : Fifteen
Tamil : Pathiainthuu
Telugu : Padihenu

English : Sixteen
Tamil : Padhinaaru
Telugu : Padaharu

English : Seventeen
Tamil : Pathinezhu
Telugu : Padihedu

English : Eighteen
Tamil : Pathiyettu
Telugu : Paddenimidi

English : Nineteen
Tamil: Patthonbathu
Telugu : Panthommidi

English : Twenty
Tamil : Iruvadu
Telugu : eravai (informal) , eruvadi (formal)

English : Twenty one
Tamil : Iruvathi onnu
Telugu : Eruvadi okati, eravai okati (informal way)

English : Twenty two
Tamil : Iruvathi rendu
Telugu : Eruvadi rendu , eravai rendu (informal way)

English : Twenty three
Tamil : Iruvathi moonu
Telugu : Eruvadi moodu

English : Twenty four
Tamil : Iruvathi naalu
Telugu : eruvadi naalugu

English : Twenty five
Tamil : Iruvathi angi
Telugu : Eruvadi aidu

English : Thirty
Tamil : Muppathu
Telugu : Muppai

English : Fourty
Tamil : Naapathu
Telugu : Nalabai

English : Fifty
Tamil : Ambathu
Telugu : Yabahi

English : Sixty
Tamil : Aruvathu
Telugu : Aaravi

English : Seventy
Tamil : Yezhuvathu
Telugu : Dabbhai

English : Eighty
Tamil : Enbathu
Telugu : Enabai

English : Ninety
Tamil : Thonnuuru
Telugu : Thombai

English : One hundred
Tamil : Nuuru
Telugu : Vanda

English : Two hundred
Tamil : Era nuuru
Telugu : rendu vandalu

English : Three hundred
Tamil : Mun nuuru
Telugu : Moodu vandalu

English : One thousand
Tamil : Aayiram
Telugu : Veyyi

English : Two thousand
Tamil : ren aayiram
Telugu : rendu velu

English : One Lakh
Tamil : Laksham
Telugu : Laksha

English : One crore
Tamil : Kodi
Telugu : Koti

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Commonly used words - part 1

Lets see some commonly used words in our day to day life.

English: Now
Tamil: Ippo
Telugu: Ippudu

English: Today
Tamil: Inniki
Telugu: Ee roju

English: Tomorrow
Tamil: Naaliki
Telugu: Raepu

English: this
Tamil: edhu
Telugu: edhi

English: you
Tamil: nee
Telugu: nuvvu

English: a little
Tamil: konjam
Telugu: koncham

English: name
Tamil: peyar
Telugu: peru

English: you (with respect)
Tamil: neenga
Telugu: meeru

English: house
Tamil: veedu
Telugu: illu

English: day
Tamil: naalu
Telugu: roju

English: night
Tamil: raathiri
Telugu: raathri

English: work
Tamil: velai
Telugu: pani

English: rain
Tamil: mazlai
Telugu: varsham

English: cow
Tamil: pasu maadu
Telugu: aavu

More words to come. Stay tuned.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Talking to the server in the restaurant

Lets consider some real time scenarios for learning these languages. Consider in a restaurant where one has to converse with the vendor over there. So here are commonly used phrases which are used during the conversation. Some of the phrases are listed below.

In a restaurant:

English: What and all do you have to eat ?
Tamil: Saapida enna iruku?
Telugu: Emmi undhi thinedhaniki?

English: Will that take some time to prepare?
Tamil: Idhai seivadharku evvalavu neram aagum?
Telugu: Dheeni cheyadaaniki entha saepu paduthundhi?

English: What is there hot to eat?
Tamil: Saapida suuda enna iruku?
Telugu: Thinadaaniki emmi undhi?

English: Get me one dosa.
Tamil: Oru dosa kudunga.
Telugu: Okka dosa eeyandi.

English: I dont want that.
Tamil: Enakku adhu venaam.
Telugu: Naaku adhi vaddhu.

English: Bring it fast.
Tamil: Konjum seekirama kudunga.
Telugu: Koncham thondharaga eeyandi.

English: Give some water.
Tamil: Konjum thanni kudunga.
Telugu: Koncham neelu eeyandi.

English: Get the bill.
Tamil: Bill kudunga.
Telugu: Bill eeyandi.

English: Can you serve this dish to us?
Tamil: Edhai engalaku parimaaringla?
Telugu: Deeni maaku vadisthara?

English: You have given a good service.
Tamil: Unga service nalla irundhiduchu.
Telugu: Mee service baaga undhi.

English: Do you have any new items to eat?
Tamil: Saapida pudhusa enna iruku?
Telugu: Thenaedhaniki kothaga emmi undhi?

English: What is famous here?
Tamil: Enga enna romba famous?
Telugu: Ekkada emmi challa famous?

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Commonly Used Phrases- part 2

Some more commonly used phrases

English: How much is this?
Tamil: Idhu evvalo ?
Telugu: Idhi entha ?

English: Can you please help me?
Tamil: Enakku udhavi seiringala?
Telugu: Naaku sahaayam chesthara?

English: Yes
Tamil: Aamam
Telugu: Auvvunu

English: No
Tamil: Illai
Telugu: Ledhu

English: What is the time now ?
Tamil:  Ippoluthu mani enna ?
Telugu: Ippudu samayam  entha ayindhi ?

English: Please lower the cost ?
Tamil: Daivuseidhu velaya kurainga ?
Telugu: Daichesi dharani thagichandi ?

English: Thanks
Tamil: Nanri
Telugu: Dhanyavadhamulu

English: You are welcome.
Tamil: Varaverkiren.
Telugu: meeku shubham kalugu gaaka

English: Please come here.
Tamil: Daivuseidhu inge varavum.
Telugu: Daichesi ikkada randi.

English: I am sorry
Tamil: Enan manichidunga.
Telugu:Nannu kshaminchandi.

English: What to do now ?
Tamil: Ippo enna seivadhu?
Telugu: Ippudu emmi chesedhi?

English: I don't understand.
Tamil: Ennaku puriyavillai.
Telugu: Naaku ardham kaaledhu.

English: Do you speak English?
Tamil: English pesuvingala?
Telugu: Meeru english matladuthara ?

English: Help 
Tamil: Kaaputhanga
Telugu: Kaapadandi

English: Look out
Tamil: Paathu
Telugu: Atu choodu

English: Nice to meet you.
Tamil: Ungala paathathu romba santhosam.
Telugu: Mimmalni kalisi nanduku santhosam ga unnadi.

English: What?
Tamil: Enna?
Telugu: Enti?

English: When
Tamil: Eppo

English: Where
Tamil: Enga
Telugu: Ekkada

English: Who
Tamil: Yaaru
Telugu: Evaru

English: How
Tamil: Eppadi
Telugu: Etla

English: Which
Tamil: Yedhu
Telugu: Yedhi

English: Now
Tamil : Ippozudhu
Telugu: Ippudu

English: Don't want
Tamil: Vendaam
Telugu: Vaddu

English: not that
Tamil: Adhu illai
Telugu: Adhi kaadhu

English: Don't know to do something
Tamil: Theriyadhu
Telugu: Raadhu

More phrases to come

Monday, February 21, 2011

Commonly Used Phrases- part 1

To get started.. lets get started with commonly used phrases which one would use in day to day life. Given below are some phrases in English and its equivalent in Tamil and Telugu.

English: Hello, how are you?
Tamil: Vanakkam, eppadi irukinga?
Telugu: Namaskaramu, ella unnaru ?

English: Are you fine?
Tamil: Eppadi Irukinga?
Telugu: Kulasaga Unnaraa?

English: I am fine.
Tamil: Naan Nalla Iruken.
Telugu: Nennu kulasaaga unnanu.

English: Had your lunch?
Tamil: Saapaadu aaiducha?
Telugu: Bhojanam aiindha?

English: Where are you going?
Tamil: Enga poringa?
Telugu: Ekkadiki velthunaaru?

English: How is it?
Tamil: Eppadi Iruku?
Telugu: Ella Unndi?

English: When did you come?
Tamil: Eppo vandhinga?
Telugu: Eppudu vachinaru?

English: What is your name?
Tamil: Unnga peyar enna?
Telugu: Mee per enti ?

English: Where is this address?
Tamil: Indha address enga iruku?
Telugu: Ee address ekkada undhi?

English: Will this bus go to adayar?
Tamil: Indha bus adayaruku poovuma?
Telugu: Ee bus adayaruki velthundha?

English: One ticket to central station.
Tamil: Centraluku oru ticket.
Telugu: Centraluki okka ticket.

English: Wash the clothes.
Tamil: Thuniya thuvaichidunga.
Telugu: Battalu uthikaindi.

More phrases next time.


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